What we do

At buildingbloom we focus on 3 activities based on our mission of better information, greater participation and simpler communication:

  1. Creation of a forward-thinking, proactive community of professionals dedicated to understanding and improving the links between environmental and personal health. We identify partners and bring them together to foster collaboration and innovation using a cross-industry approach.
  2. Development of low-cost, easy-to-use-and-understand tools that can bring healthy changes to every kind of place and person. Key to this is using personal technology and employing a simple model that everyone can understand.
  3. Presentation of messages both onsite and online that resonate with ordinary people. As we seek healthier alternatives in other aspects of their lives, it is still difficult for us to know about and find places that are good for us. This represents a significant market gap and exciting opportunity.

Our work is based on the World Green Building Council's landmark "Better Places for People" campaign that we helped to develop and pilot in early adopting companies. We designed buildingblooom to share the lessons of that work with new audiences and to help pioneer the emerging B2C market for greener, healthier buildings.